Our All-Stars team has worked around the globe within various industries, organisations and teams and have been recognised for their skill and effort.

I have come away from my sessions having felt that my goal for each had been achieved.
Hira provided me clear dir ection on what next steps I need to take, to improve things at work and gave me guidance and signposting to pertinent literature, so that I could do some more research in order to improve myself. She has encouraged me and guided me on coping mechanisms to deal with “overcoming the imposter syndrome” It also has been easy to make contact with her, and response has promptly been received. I feel Hira is very approachable and puts me at ease, when I had nigglly doubts . I would be very happy to continue to have sessions with Hira.

Mabel, Deputy Quality & Primary Care Manager at Health Care England

Hira has conducted a plethora of wonderful Leadership program for our employees. She is one of our most favorite and sought after external trainers. After attending her trainings, the participants are always excited to bring about a change in their behavior and are empowered and charged up. There is a shift notice in their behavior”

Sabiha, Group HR Head at Albatha Group UAE

I cannot think of anything better than​ ​women helping women advance! I met with Hira in 2017 for a coaching session in London. Hira asked​ ​me pertinent questions, and​ ​discovered​ ​how I really wanted to see myself.​ ​She also shepherded me away from the insidious ‘imposter syndrome’​ ​that permeates every stage of, specifically, women’s careers. Our meeting​ ​provided the encouragement I needed to finally start publicising my writing. It was a huge step that​ ​has had a domino effect on further​ ​professional​ ​advancements.​ ​My meeting with Hira was 100% the jumping off point. She​ ​can​ ​definitely provide you with breakthroughs, as well. I am someone very focused on women’s issues​ ​and the different ways in which women​ ​can​ ​experience challenges​ ​in the workplace​​.​ ​I​ ​can attest that working with her would certainly provide you with tailored tools​ ​to​ ​tackle​ ​​specific​ ​hurdles​ ​as well as,​ ​importantly, ​to ​hone​ ​existing​ ​talents. Hira is committed to ensuring the impact is tangible and​ ​long-term.

Brianna Burt, Marketing & Digital Media Coordinator at LS Productions

I met Hira through American Corporate Partners, an organization focused on mentorship for transitioning military and military spouses. I was matched with Hira as a mentor as she specializes in mentoring women who are in transition and women leaders. I will start out with saying I was not sure how much mentoring was going to help me in my career search, but was so pleasantly surprised. Hira has amazing insight into what it means to be a woman in the corporate sector. She has incredible advice, and after our first session I felt renewed and energized to refocus my efforts on things that will be beneficial in my job transition. I was then offered a corporate position and was able to go back to Hira for advice on how to make the transition and stand out in the work place. She has provided incredible guidance and information on how to move forward with all aspects of growing as a professional, both in and out of the workplace. I appreciate all of the help and information provided thus far, and look forward for continuing to work with Hira related to my job transition, professional goals, and a potential side business. I highly recommend Hira to anyone who is searching or needs help with figuring out their job transition.

Kathleen Kaminski, Management and Training Professional | Project Manager | Community Organizer | Volunteer Coordinator

Hira and I were matched in Cherry Blair Foundation which connects mentors and mentees around the world to promote women entrepreneur leadership. She possesses a wide range of knowledge and practical experience of sales, content marketing and business strategies combined her training and coaching skills leading to many effective mentoring sessions that I have had with her. She has asked many critical questions, provided wise advice as well as real life examples for my reflection. She is always full of energy and strongly supportive of my career which means a lot to me to overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Truc Phan, Managing Director at Levica Content Marketing Agency

I have worked with Mariya Ali for a number of years. Ms Ali is a talented, committed, energetic personality, highly intelligent and with a wealth of experience at a very high level. Her networking abilities are impressive and she is an original thinker, capable of both planning and delivering complex strategic plans. Ms Ali is personable, and can work very effectively as both a team player and as a leader. 

Dr. Bob Gobfield, Executive Director, Kaewphuang Gold Limited

Mariya is an engaging and inspirational speaker. She delivered a workshop for our second year social work students that focused on social work practice within the Muslim community. Mariya brought the lecture to life with her own practice experience in child protection in the Maldives and combined this with her knowledge from her PhD research into human rights and Islamic law. Mariya also drew on her personal experiences growing up in the Maldives, which really motivated and inspired the students.

Dr Justin Rogers, Lecturer in Social Work, The University of Bath

Maheen has been a great support to my company in finding the best talent for us time after time. Recruiting is a pain when you can not find the right person for desired opening, Maheen and company helped us not to go through that pain anymore. We always look forward to Mushawar whenever there are new openings. I strongly recommend Maheen and her team for recruitment services. Best of luck from your satisfied client. 

Ansar Shah, COO at Supermeal.co.uk

Maheen is a level headed and compassionate person who loves to train and mentor. I have seen her interacting with people and I always admire her calm and collected demeanor. She knows how to set expectations and is an excellent professional. If you are looking for a star recruitment consultant or an HR trainer, Maheen is an excellent choice.

Faiza Yousuf, Founder at WomenintechPK, Co-Founder at CodeGirls

I have been working with Maheen since almost last 3 years and found her to be a very seasoned and professional HR Manager. After her induction as an HR Manager at Systems Limited, Maheen brought a significant improvement in the implementation of HR policies and processes that have proven to be very effective for the organization. Her major contribution was the continuous recruitment drives, and especially in the times when the company was in the fast paced growing phase, and played a vital role in bringing new talent within the organization, both for Systems Limited and Techvista Systems (SL subsidiary in Middle East). She also initiated and played an instrumental role in implementing all the HR policies at Techvista from the scratch. She has tremendous interpersonal skills and is always able to deal with different challenging situations in very effective and efficient manner. She is a level headed individual who knows how to work extremely well with diversified teams. She was able to take the challenges posed at her with a smile and was always able to deliver what was expected from her. In a very sort span of time, Maheen has earned the respect of her supervisors, peers and subordinates. She was a joy to work with and an extremely dedicated HR Manager.

Sajid Hamid, Director Professional Services, Systems Limited

Maheen is the most skilled HR professional I have had the pleasure to work with. The quality of her work is exceptional. She engages quickly at a high level and can then develop and execute an HR strategy that aligns with specific business needs. She has the extreme agility to handle whatever is thrown her way while maintaining grace and diplomacy. She is a high-energy, detail oriented person with drive and ambition.Her outgoing, warm personality is contagious in the work environment. Highly recommended.

Muhammad Wasif, Head of Product Development at Wavetec FZCO

I know Maheen since she was the Head of HR at Systems Limited and later got to interact with her when she started Mushawar Consulting and found her to be very knowledgeable and well-versed with the trends and issues in software houses and other technology orineted organizations. She has a very pleasant personality and possess great command over HR functions in general and recruitment and skills development (trainings) in particular. She is perhaps the most widely known HR professional in the IT industry here in Pakistan. Now with Mushawar UK, I am sure she is contributing equally well to the industry outside Pakistan as well.

Taqi Abbas, Client Services Manager at Dun & Bradstreet South Asia Middle East