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Our Patrons, Mentors, Supporters and Colleagues have a massive influence on our programs and conferences through not just knowledge sharing but also monetary fundings.

Asia has been quoted as the next financial and investment hub. The markets in this region are buzzing with energy and opportunities. For companies who want to invest or have invested in this region, it is fundamental for their success that they have a diverse workforce that includes talented women.

For Socially Responsible Companies who want to invest in a better future for our generations to come, this is a great opportunity to work with a pool of talented women from all around the world who are coming together for one cause; Economic Empowerment of Asian Women.

You can become a part of this Economic Revolution and learn more about the sponsoring opportunities we have for our upcoming programs and conferences. Get in touch with us here.

How will you Benefit?

  • Positively contributing to social responsibility mindset through philanthro-capitalism
  • Positive brand association-building a reputation with customers and/or potential employees of being a progressive force in society by supporting projects promoting inclusivity on gender, race and background
  • Empower women and men to help each other in the economic sphere
  • Contribute to the HOW of empowering men and women in the #metoo movement
  • for the betterment of the coming generation
  • Widening your organization’s understanding of diversity
  • Opportunity to present how your products and service adds value to women’s lives in the Country We are hosting the Conference.
  • Contribute to enhanced employee wellbeing and stress reduction at workplace

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Awaken Your Potential Within, A IWEE Women Empowerment Conference in Kurumba, Maldives

IWEEvents - Awaken the Potential Within

IWEE organised a power packed Women Empowerment Conference in Kurumba Maldives, 22-23, July 2019. The event was lined with Internationally acclaimed Speakers and Female Leaders who interacted and moved the audience through workshops, speaker & moderated sessions. The 2 day line up had Global trends and Leadership trainings, mindfulness sessions and promising networking opportunities for the audience.

Hope for Women, Women On Boards, Unicef, Kurumba, Butterfly Effect, STO, MTTC, Hummingbird, Rajje TV, Bank of Maldives were some of our partners and sponsors for this event. If you want to learn more about the event, check out our event highlights on our event page.

Conference Picture