The team at IWEE works together to achieve a Common Goal – Economic Empowerment of Asian Women. This is what our vision is and what drives our efforts and programs. To further strengthen our resolve, we have identified the following goals for our organization to achieve:

  • By 2025, our mission is to empower 1 Million Asian women through trainings in areas of leadership, attachment theory, finance, sexual harassment, coaching and community
  • Provide a turnkey, world-class conferences with actionable outcomes in different countries of Asia
  • Encourage The Private Sector to help women in developing nations
while accelerating growth for their
own workforce and business

IWEE goals

Why Asia?

The World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends for Women 2017”, shows East and South Asia as the only two regions in the world seeing a reduction in the percentage of working women over the past decade. The situation is particularly apparent in South Asia, where less than 1/3 of the female population are active in the labour market, 51% less than the rate for males.

The Asian region loses an estimated US$ 40 billion each year as a result of gender gaps in employment and education.Despite the obstacles, Asia does not lack role models of successful women in all fields and initiatives, especially those that effect far-reaching changes with positive national and international impacts.