Bingo rules and tips – How to start?

First, you need to choose an online casino to play bingo. Then, create an account. Some online casinos offer free tickets so you can enjoy the game and maybe even earn money.

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I have an account. What’s next?

Once you’ve created an account and funded your account, it’s time to choose a bingo room. To do this, click on the “Bingo” button in the casino of your choice. As a rule, you will be offered several variations of the game.

How do jackpots work?

There are two types of jackpots: guaranteed and growing. Some sites offer a small guaranteed jackpot. However, most of the games have a growing jackpot, which means that the more players and the more tickets are purchased, the larger the winnings. Therefore, be sure to check the jackpot amount before starting the game. To get the jackpot, you need to collect a “full house” or if you have collected another combination provided by the rules. Full House means 15 bingo numbers with 90 balls and 25 bingo numbers with 75 balls.

How to win bingo?

When you start playing bingo, it is important to understand that bingo is a game for fun, not just to win, and luck plays a big role in it. However, our team has prepared a number of tips to help you improve your bingo game .

Follow the offers!

Each bingo provider has its own games and campaigns. All bingo games are often very simple in visual design, but thanks to the social element, each player can not only hit the jackpot, but also communicate with like-minded people. Also, be sure to check the list of bonuses and promotions. Very often the casino site offers free bingo tickets after registration.

Play with multiple cards at once!

Another way to increase your chances is to buy several tickets at once and play them in one round. However, buying a large number of cards – you spend more money. Therefore, plan your budget for the game based on the amount you are willing to spend.

Read the rules!

Although the general bingo rules are universal, each online casino may have its own additional rules, such as pieces to be collected. This way, you don’t have to worry about doing something wrong, and therefore, your chance of winning is increased.

Try to avoid high stakes games!

If you play bingo, we recommend choosing the halls with the smallest number of players. This advice is quite logical if you remember the theory of probability. After all, the fewer people participate in the game, the more likely you are to win.

Combine different tips!

Bingo is a game of chance, so be skeptical about “proven” winning schemes. However, our tips will slightly increase your chances of winning.

Online dictionary for playing bingo

If you have recently become an online bingo player, you may have noticed that there are chat rooms for players. They, as well as in real offline rooms, use the terms typical for this game. When faced with them for the first time, you may be quite surprised, so we provide a list of common abbreviations below. They are primarily used in English.

CM – Chat Moderator. The person who is following the chat. If you have any questions, you can chat with him and get a response from your CM. In addition, CM intervenes when a chat member breaks the rules, tries to cheat, or uses the wrong word.

GL – Good luck! Most bingo games start with this CM and / or other players.

3/2/1 TG – Players tell others how many numbers they still have to win.

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